Started since 1953, loading and unloading services has been the forerunner of Samudera Indonesia;'s business through the establishment of Indonesian Stevedoring Ltd (INSTEL) in Jakarta, which is followed by the opening of Surabaya and Ujung Pandang branches. Further development of the stevedoring business line is closely related to regulatory changes on stevedoring services at ports.

Prevailing government regulations require loading and unloading activities to be carried out by a stevedoring company that is domiciled at their respective locations. Therefore, starting in 1986 in a number of key ports in Indonesia, stevedoring companies under Samudera Indonesia flagship were established. This enables the Company to offer loading and unloading services according to the potential of the respective area od domicile.

The Company's stevedoring services include:

  • - Stevedoring & Cargodoring

  • - Receiving & Delivery

  • - Equipment Provider

  • - Warehousing & Distribution

  • - Cargo Tally & Cargo Inspection

  • - Heavy & Project Cargo Handling

  • - Reachstacker & Forklift rental services for container depot activities

  • - Stevedoring Bag and Bulk Cargo at Ports

  • - Trucking

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